We are a band that produces, record's, and writes our own music.

First Release: Dominator

  • JD Hook

    J.D Hook is the cofounder and voice of Metalslave. He project’s his power through shure microphone’s, and his influences are the METAL GODS!!

  • Rob Shock


    Marshall JCM-800

    Boss Pedalboard

    Torpedo Captor X 8 Ohm

    Rob Shock is seasoned musician/song writer and founder of the band. Rob has recorded with several bands which music has been distributed around the world and has traveled to support the music across the sea’s.

  • Mad Max

    Gear: Sonor AQ stage 2 with 7 inch x 10 inch and 8 inch x 12 inch toms, 15 inch x 16 inch  floor tom, 17.5 inch x 22 inch bass drum and 6 inch x 14 inch snare. Double DW 5000 pedals.  Paiste Cymbals PST 7 line: 14 inches hats, 18 inches crash, 20 inches ride and free and 16 inches crash and china cymbals. Gibraltar stand.  He has played with many tributes such as Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions, W.A.S.P., Stryper, Warrant, Skid Row, Great While,  Ratt, Firehouse and Motorhead.  He did collaborations with famous artists such as Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Rudolf Schenker, Matthias Jabs ( Scorpions) , Vinny Appice (Dio) and Jason Ebs (Peter Criss). Now MetalSlave band drummer for years,  an unique and authentic Heavy Metal band from Las Vegas.--

    Max Perez Fernandez known as Max Drummer Dee born in New York, Brooklyn  in the 70's  raised in  Cataño, Puerto Rico, his music roots comes from the old metal bands 80's and 90's and some african influences rhythms.  Been playing the drums professionally for more than 28 years.

  • Julian (Kid) Block


    Jackson JSV3 5 string

    Ampeg SVT4 Pro

    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    Kid is from Yuba City, California. He plays the bass too.

  • Greg Percuoco ( Hellcat )

    Uses :  

    Marshall Amplification            

    Line 6 Effects 

    Furman Power Conditioners   

    Shure Wireless 

    D”Addario Strings             

    Gibson Guitars             

    Charvel Guitars             

    Jackson Guitars             

    Dunlop 1.14 Tortex Guitar Picks

    Originally from Huntington Beach CA. , started playing guitar at the age of 15 . Was an Orange County based musician lucky enough to play the 80”s LA Hollywood scene . Has played in a variety of bands over the years and in 2020 landed the spot as lead guitarist in MetalSlave residing in Las Vegas NV .